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She has to know.

I saw a post from Ralphie at #SimplyOnPurpose weeks ago that stuck with me. My kid does some amazing things and sometimes it’s hard to contain my emotion.

Sometimes it’s shaking my head in disbelief of her 2nd grade self when she shows maturity beyond her 7 years. Sometimes it’s with tears rolling down my face when her passion for the Lord is overwhelming. Sometimes it’s shouting obnoxiously loud “I’m so proud of you!!” when she pushes through her fears and accomplishes her goal.

I was in awe of her the moment I saw her on the ultrasound monitor and I’m in awe of her now. She is brave, and kind, and loyal, and loving. Her smile lights up a room, her hugs melt every doubt away, and her sass keeps my attitude and judgement in check.

Just like Ralphie told her husband... “I want her to know!” I can’t not let her know. I can’t contain my emotion for her.

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