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Black & White

“It’s hard to live in color, when you just see black and white.

In a world full of hate, be a light.”

—T. Rhett, J. Miller, J. Thompson, and M. Dragstrem

This is NOT a black and white photo from December 2018. If you look closely you can spot the colors.

I’m not someone that keeps every picture they ever take. I don’t think I have any other photos from this snowstorm still on my phone. But I kept this one particular photo and I didn’t know why.

Then I heard the song lyric posted at the top of this page. I immediately thought of this picture. And now I know why I kept it.

I’ve been told by many people in my personal and professional life that I’m too rigid in my processes and my beliefs.

  • “You won’t be successful in this industry if you only see in black and white.”

  • “It isn’t always just right and wrong. It isn’t always black and white. Life has grey areas.”

  • “Life is grey, Stephanie. You have to accept that there is an area between right and wrong. Leave room for error.”

I’m someone that sees things simply as right or wrong. It takes EFFORT to make concessions for myself when I’m playing in the world of grey. It’s uncomfortable and I don’t like it.

Ironically I prefer color photographs. But in my life, I prefer simple black and white.

— I feel a sense of control when there’s only right and wrong.

— I feel accomplished when there’s only one correct answer.

— I feel at peace when I navigate my life this way.

Are you like that, too? Or are you dancing in the grey area? There is no right answer.

Regardless of where you fall, we ALL can be successful in this season. The basic tools we need to get through this COVID-19 season do not fall in the grey area. Give these three things a try...

  1. Practice Kindness. Ask yourself “Is this statement kind?”

  2. Practice Compassion. Ask yourself “Am I looking at this situation with a tender heart?”

  3. Practice Generosity. Ask yourself, “If I put forth this extra bit of effort, will I be helping someone?”

It’s a simple yes or no.

Put the “eh, it could be” answer into the no category.

* If you answered yes— go for it. Post it, do it, say it. Spread the positivity!

* If you answered no— keep it to yourself. Silence is magical in these full households with stir crazy humans and pets.

Let’s not be half-baking this one this week. Make the effort, extend the grace, and halt the negativity. The Lord extends more grace on us than we deserve. You can extend a little extra this week, too.

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Emanuela Elias
Emanuela Elias
Apr 20, 2020

Love this. It’s easier to think in terms of black and white and wrong and right for sure. But it’s not life and it’s not flexible! And we all need that flexibility (ie grace for me!).


Apr 20, 2020

I love this. Is it kind? Is it helpful? Is it true? Words we live by in this house. 🙏❤️


Apr 20, 2020

I love this. Is it kind? Is it helpful? Is it true? Words we live by in this house. 🙏❤️

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