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Reclaiming My Time

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

When you think about the concept of time what do you think?

There’s never enough?

It moves too quickly?

It’s fleeting?

I want more of it!

What’s your feeling towards the clock?

Time is one of the only resources that’s equal across all businesses and personalities.

We all have the same opportunity and access to time.

For anyone that regularly sees me, it’s obvious I wear a watch every day.

But those that know me well have to chuckle. I wear watches that don’t work. I have clocks in my house that don’t have batteries. I surround myself with a no ticking bubble.

It’s more than the ticking sound though. It’s the harassing reminder that time seems to be moving faster and faster.

About 15 years ago I realized that I have the control to stop myself from feeling the panic and dread when I hear the tick. I have the authority to remove the batteries and create something new from the “useless” clock. Now I’m inspired by how watches and clocks invoke excitement for this life I’ve created for myself.

I’ve reclaimed my time.

Time is the most precious gift. It’s our most valuable personal resource.

Use it, give it, and appreciate it accordingly.

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1 opmerking

08 feb. 2020

So much yes!! Thank you for sharing this!! We only have so many minutes, it’s important we choose wisely who /what we spend them on. ❤️🙏❤️

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