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"Hi. I like you. I trust you..."

Friendship is one of the most intimate things we can give.

There’s so many grand statements about friendship.

But what it really boils down to is simple…

“Hi. I like you. I trust you enough to give you my time, my energy, and my secrets.”.

Let’s talk for a minute about your secret keepers.

When’s the last time you prayed for them?

Thanked them?

Ended a call with “I love you”?

Because you do, right? You do love them?

They hold the space for you to be your most authentic self.

They are energy reviving and energy depleting, in the absolute best way.

They do so much for you everyday.

And you love them for it. So tell them that.

Text or call your people today and say,

“Hey. You’re the best for (this reason). And I love you for it.”.

Then, after those texts and calls, pray for them.

Here’s Maria Shriver’s prayer for friendship from her book I’ve Been Thinking.

"Dear God, I pray I will always have good friends around me and that we will influence, encourage, and inspire one another to be the best we can be. I pray for friends who will speak the truth out of love for me, give me sound counsel when I need it, and be of help in difficult times. Help me to be that kind of friend to them as well."


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2 comentarios

07 mar 2020

I love all the things. All of them. Thank you for the prayers, and the love. ❤️

Me gusta

Emanuela Elias
Emanuela Elias
07 mar 2020

I love the reminder to pray for others and how to do so. I know I can take my friendships for granted and really needed to read this today. Thank you.

Me gusta
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