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Bonus Mom

We do a lot of celebrating around here.

You know, any reason to celebrate and you can just sign us right up!

Today we’re celebrating an amazing lady’s birthday.

Cassandra is the friend I’ve found in the mostly unlikely situation.

She’s the Bonus Mom that I am immensely grateful my daughter has in her life.

She’s strong, smart, confident, and honest.

The qualities I hope my daughter continues to carry.

It’ll be much easier to nurture those qualities with Cassandra helping her grow.

I never expected to have this type of friendship with my ex-husbands new wife.

The type of friendship filled with texts like,

“Hey. Check out this mom win!” and “Dude. Big fail. Help me out.”.

(Those failure texts are my texts to her, by the way.

She’s the one that says “Nope. We got this. Call me.”)

My gratitude for this friendship is on a different level.

Because this friendship isn’t about me. Or us.

It’s about our kid; the kiddo we now share.

I hope this wonderful lady has a great birthday and the best year yet!

Saby and I love you!

Thank you for all you do. You truly are amazing.

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