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I’ve held E210P close to my heart for over 9 weeks. I’ve spent the summer praying about how this camera and my thoughts could be used to enhance my life goals of spreading kindness and loving the Lord fiercely. What started as a private way to reflect in God’s word has evolved into much more than I expected.

The connection between scripture and photography started with my first day of shooting. As shots came into focus, scripture popped into my head. I couldn’t unsee the shot and unhear the verse in my head. 

It led to me sitting in a decaying carport on a pile of old wood planks, staring at my muddy sneakers with my face covered in tears. “What’s this for? Why am I remembering these specific verses? Lord, tell me what do to.” 

He answered with Ephesians 2:10. For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

In July, I started a photo book of pictures and scriptures. Appropriately titled Photography Freshman. Because a freshman is absolutely what I am. I’m a forever student and learning lover. In August I outgrew my photo book and I moved on to a Facebook page, then onto an Instagram page. All in silent. It was my secret way to heal a lot of hurt and confusion. I was reading more scripture and calming my mind. Some of my decades old questions were being answered by reading His word.

And now on September 5th we’re here at Note the post date to show how long it took me between website creation and actually saying out loud to someone that E210P is live. 

There’s many people to thank for the evolution of E210P.

My people that didn’t even know what their love and kindness was healing and building. 

My husband was finally able to convince me to buy a camera I’d wanted for years. He’s my biggest supporter. It’s still mind blowing that he’s mine. ♥️ Husband, you are the strongest protector of my heart, body, and mind. You are everything I didn’t know I needed and deserve in my soulmate. Thank you for being mine. 

It was my sweet Niki that jump started my Canon education. She camera shopped with me and counseled this very overwhelmed newbie. I’m so grateful for you, friend. You are the perfect example of finding friendship when you least expect it. We can take on all the fog and blind turns.

My Erin is the example of the unconditional love in friendship. She stands silent when I’m too anxiously overwhelmed to speak. She never gives up on me. She does whatever is necessary to ensure my mind and body are healthy and rested. She’s there in my quiet and in my celebrations. I love you so much, buddy. Thank you for all that you are.

My sister. There aren’t enough words. Mandy’s been my shield, my voice of reason, my family, and my biggest cheerleader, since the first day we met. She understands my reasons, my insecurities, and my fears. Sis, I’m still overwhelmed that God brought us together. 30 years later and I’m still overwhelmed when I think about how I could have done life without you. We are some blessed kids, for sure. Just two inseparable kids from Burnt Tree that could have never guessed we’d have this life together. I love you…and all the fries in cups. 

And then there’s Saby. My quick witted and sassy daughter. Without knowing it she’s been the E210P model and photo editor. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be her Mother.

Saby Belle, you’re loved beyond measure. Thank you for helping Mommy grow this passion.

Being yours is the privilege of my life.

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19 sept 2019

I am so proud of you sister. Thank you. ❤️

Me gusta
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