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Eva Love

Little Eva, we are praying for you every day.

We pray for you and your healing.

We pray for your parents and their continued trust in the Lord.

We pray for your small brother and his confusion as to why his sister can’t play with him.

We pray for your friends and their understanding to comprehend this tragedy.

We pray for your medical team and their knowledge and faith.

I have followed Eva’s journey of recovery for 6 weeks now.

She suffered a traumatic brain injury from a short fall.

She is strong though. She is a fighter. She shows that every day.

Her parents are loyal to the Lord and His plan for their daughter.

With their choice to share this pain with the public, they are bringing strangers to the Lord.

Not only does Eva need prayers, so do her parents, family, friends, and medical team.

Talitha koum! MARK 5:41-42

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